Recovery Time for in Office Rasping?

I have a bony callus 5 months post rhinoplasty. My surgeon said it would be no problem to rasp down in office under local anesthesia in a few more months. He said that I will wear tape on my nose for about 5 days. What is the recovery time after this procedure, ie: I do hardcore workouts and will have a marathon in 5 months.

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Recovery After Limited Rhinoplasty

Thanks for the question. My general rule is to wait around two weeks after rhinoplasty until patients can resume vigorous exercise. However, if the procedure is minor and closed (endonasal), with limited work being done, your surgeon may clear you to begin running sooner, perhaps a week afterward. Waiting to exercise is generally advised by most rhinoplasty surgeons to encourage quicker resolution of swelling and decrease the risk of bleeding. 

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Recovery following dorsal rasping

Hello Sparkle,

Thank you for the question.  Recovery from dorsal rasping via a "closed" approach will be quicker than a formal open rhinoplasty.  Swelling and bruising may still occur.  Running a marathon 5 months after you procedure should not be an issue.  

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How long to workout after closed rasping of nose?

Dear Sparkle,

In general, in a 'closed' procedure, where the surgeon does not make an external incision and lift the tissue including the skin over the nasal tip off the nose, the recover time is very short.  However, you may notice some swelling with vigorous early exercise.  I'd wait 2 weeks for this.

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Recovery Time For Office Rasping?

If the procedure is done closed, you will recovery within days.  The tape usually stays on the nose for 5 to 7 days.  Discuss your plans with your surgeon, and he will guide you in recovery.

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Recovery Time for in Office Rasping?

             If this procedure is done closed with minimal rasping and minimal dissection, the recovery should be swift. 




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Rasping dorsal humps

this is not an issue as far as I can see.  You should be able to correct the bone without too much fanfare.  I do agree that it should wait to allow more time to resolve the swelling.  Good luck.

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