I had braces for 5 years and I HATE MY TEETH, don't want to go the route of braces, please help me!!! (photos)

I had braces for five years still didn't really like me teeth after but I was young and so so naive I'm missing a right lateral, my gap came back and my mom never believed me when I said I needed a veneer on my left peg lateral, what's the cheapest and easiest option for now to fix my smile

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How to Correct a Narrow and Gummy Smile

Five years in braces would discourage anyone from having braces put back on their teeth. Based on the very limited information available (a single photograph) I can only say that it appears that your smile is very narrow (only the front six teeth are visible) and you have a bit of a "gummy" smile. Both of these observations point to an underdeveloped upper dental arch. Good news is that you have beautiful teeth (shape, color, etc.). I would recommend expanding your dental arches to give you a broader more beautiful smile. This is done using removable appliances that are easy to wear and very comfortable. Developing the upper dental arch will also improve the "gummy" smile and give you a fuller upper lip. After your dental arches are more fully developed you can straighten teeth with clear aligners (Invisalign) in order to avoid braces.While this recommended treatment is neither cheap nor quick it is the best for solving your biggest aesthetic concerns as well as making certain that your airway is healthier.Good luck! 

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Veneer is an option

Hi, thanks for sending your question. You have option of placing a veneer on the peg lateral. Cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile greatly. Its important to have a comprehensive exam to discuss your needs and options. All the best,

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