Why are the brackets on my braces placed so high near my gums? (photos)

Yesterday, I got braces on for the 2nd time. I wore braces for 3 years, got them taken off for 3 weeks, and then got them on again by another ortho. I am concerned with the high placement of the brackets. I find the look a little unattractive. These braces are supposed to correct my bite, move my midline, and close a small gap between my front two teeth. Also, there is a temporary tooth on my right side. I will have an implant in the future. What is the purpose of having highly placed brackets?

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Orthodontics and Brackets

The brackets are placed on the tooth in a certain location with the intention of moving the teeth in a certain way.  Call the orthodontist and go in to discuss your concern.  The doctor is going to be able to tell you the reasoning!

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Best thing to do is to ask your doctor

I agree that this placement of brackets is less attractive then having them centered on the like usual.  Although I don't know your doctor's reasoning, I suspect it is this.  There is a trend in the profession to place the upper incisor brackets a little higher than typical in order to help bring these teeth a little further down.  This can help create a "smile arc" where edge of these teeth follow the lower lip.  If you don't already have it, this may be an attempt to make it happen.  I would certainly ask you doctor.  I hope this helps.

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