Can my one crooked tooth be fixed with a retainer? (photos)

I have one crooked tooth that really bothers me. I don't mind if the rest stay how they are I just want to fix this crooked one. Could this tooth be fixed with a retainer?

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How to Fix a Single Tooth Out of Place

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Clear aligners is the easiest way to fix a single crooked tooth like yours. There are options that are also less expensive than Invisalign. Ask your doctor about Red, White and Blue. You could also wear a removable "retainer" called the Inman aligner to fix the one tooth out of alignment.Good luck!

Your front tooth

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Unfortunately a retainer would not have the ability to move your teeth in place. Only and orthodontic appliance would! Clear alignes would be ideal to use to move this tooth in position. Alternatively you may elect conventional braces. Your final results will look amazing!All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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