Follow up: Will the nose shrink back again, after an accident? What is "soft tissue swelling"?

I took a blow to the nose at 6 wks & then massaged it too hard 6 weeks later(have since stopped).Before, everything looked horrible till wk 5, when nose finally started to reveal the refined final product.Now scar tissue is spongy around the tip (not hard),nose is same rough shape, but there is fluid, discoloration, & the nose is bulbous/long as it was in wk 2; I'm at week 19. Sleeping is uncomfortable b/c of swelling.Trimmed medpor implant is intact (he checked 3 months post op.) Is there hope?

Previous question: 4.5 months post-up & bumped my nose 6 wks post-op, then massaged it too hard on 1side, hitting a blood vessel under the skin.Massive blob of scar tissue around tip,but it is no longer hard on top, only on the sides. (The problem w/ the massage was 6 wks ago, 3 mths post-op).The nose is overprojected/bulbous around a Medpor tip-top graft, but looked great by week 8 when unswollen (evening). Doctor refused kenalog at check-up;is the softness a sign that this is permanent scar tissue, not swelling?

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Without pictures and/or a physical examination, it is virtually impossible to give you sound advice. Consult and trust your surgeon or seek a second opinion.

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