Follow up question; nose is now swollen on one side after massaging too hard, bulbous, but flexible.What does this mean?

4.5 months post-up & bumped my nose 6 wks post-op, then massaged it too hard on 1side, hitting a blood vessel under the skin.Massive blob of scar tissue around tip,but it is no longer hard on top, only on the sides. (The problem w/ the massage was 6 wks ago, 3 mths post-op).The nose is overprojected/bulbous around a Medpor tip-top graft, but looked great by week 8 when unswollen (evening). Doctor refused kenalog at check-up;is the softness a sign that this is permanent scar tissue, not swelling?

Original: Will this change? Bumped my nose at 6 wks post-op,then massaged too hard at 12 weeks post-op(have since stopped), hitting a blood vessel under my skin that caused half the nose to reswell a 2nd time. Now,18 wks post op,one side of the nose (healed side) is "flesh colored" while the other side (w/ the blood vessel)is pale/overprojected/lumpy.My surgeon checked my nose; I had a Medpor implant put in the tip & it's intact.I'm not touching my nose anymore, but why is the "unhealed" side so discolored?Will this heal?

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Dr. Kimberly Henry

Thank you for your question! Your situation is complicated, so unfortunately your best bet is to ask your plastic surgeon as he is familiar with your situation and progress. However, be very careful about trauma to your nose, sometimes you can bump it without realizing it, and this can distort your nose. Taping your nose may help, but check with your plastic surgeon beforehand. Best of luck!

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Follow up question; nose is now swollen on one side after massaging too hard, bulbous, but flexible.What does this mean?

Too much has happened in the postoperative period to comment intelligently without having followed you. Only your surgeon or a surgeon who has examined you will be able to provide any useful advice.

The nose can be swollen for up to a year or more. Swelling will depend upon the nature of maneuvers employed, presence of grafts or implants, thickness of skin, open vs closed, revision vs primary, etc.

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