I had a chemical peel last Thursday. I peeled it before it was ready (Photo)

PEELED it .... I have reddish / brown scares were I pulled the skin. I have not been outside at allll! My face is covered. Did I do permeant damage? Will these scares go away!?

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Worried about post peel scarring

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Thank you for your question about your post peel scarring concern.  Although it is very tempting to peel the skin as it begins to lift, it is important to refrain.  Trimming the excess skin or gently cleansing the face are good ways to begin to "clean up" the face as it is peeling. 

As for the areas you have already peeled, it most likely won't leave "permanent scars".  You will, however, likely have what is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  This will hopefully fade with time and protection from the sun.  Ensure that you are very diligent with gentle skin care (no scrubbing or exfoliating or picking) and generous moisturizing (Aquaphor or EltaMD post procedure balm), as well as SPF application, hats, and general sun avoidance. 

If you have pigmentation that is persisting or any non-healing areas, if would be a good idea to follow up with the provider that performed the peel, or another provider for evaluation.  I hope this helps. 

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Post peel concerns

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Thank you for your question. I would recommend going to see your dermatologist or skin care provider that treated you for their recommendation on post care. Unfortunatly peeling skin off too soon can cause permanate damage, but not always. Keep out of the sun and apply a very hydrating lotion (mild) or aquaphor to the area until the open areas heal.

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