Face is discoloured and almost purple post chemical peel? (Photos)

Today I got my 2nd chemical peel @ a reputable location by an experienced aesthetician. About 2 hrs after my peel, I noticed discolouration in the areas (dark purple/brownish colour) where I already had scarring. I called the clinic & she told me this was normal & when I start peeling, the discolouration will go away. I was also told not to wash it off until I wake up next morning. This never happened the first time so I'm worried. I'm not sure what type or % peel she uses. Attached are pics.

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Post chemical peel

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Based on the photos you have provided, it appears that there has been over penetration of the peel. I would ask to see the person who performed the peel in person for a followup. To prevent hyperpigmentation/scarring, keep the area moist, stay out of the sun, and avoid any harsh products on your face. If you were my patient, I would also probably consider a topical steroid cream to help control and inflammation. Again, stay out of sun, don't pick your skin, and keep the skin moist. 

This is most likely transient.

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However, I strongly encourage you to see a board certified dermatologist for any care you might need to deal with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Please consider posting more photographs here on Realself so we can follow your progress.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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