Complications after my skin peel. (photos)

10 days ago i had a peel done by a dermatologist which was supposed to be a medium peel. He definitely over frosted me on my problem areas(forehead and cheeks had large pores) due to this i have a huge dent on my forehead as well as what looks like pitted scars on my cheeks. He has removed the dead skin and now the areas are pink and white.i am worried my face will look worse than before. How long will this take to heal?i have been using scar science on those areas since a week ago. Please help!

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Complication after chemical peel

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Sorry to hear about your experience. I would follow the post care instructions given to you by your dermatologist. 

It is important that you keep the skin moist and out of the sun. It is also important that you do not do anything that will irritate the skin (such as picking at it).

The good news is that the skin is remarkably resilient and if you follow these general rules, it will heal completely! 

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