What is the Longevity of an Italian Lip Lift Vs a Bullhorn? I'm Young and the Latter is Not Recommendable.

Hello I'm considering a lip lift, but I'm told my skin is too young and it won't hide a scar well. Is the italian lip lift a good option? I'm concerned about the longevity of the lift as, it seems to me, that gravity will pull the middle section (philtrum) down along with the lifted sides under the nose. Any ideas? Is there any data that shows otherwise? Thank you for the response.

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Lip Lift

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Lip Lift should always be approached with extra care. Putting a scar on the lip should be seriously considered.

What type of a lift should depend on the examination of the lip the aesthetic goals to be achieved and your (patient) goals. The technique used should be based on science and not what is in vogue  or what fancy name, or what the surgeon favorate procedure at the time

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Lip lift

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I'm not clear what you want your lip lift to correct. My thoughts - 

  • the lip lift is usually done to shorten a long upper lip in older women
  • the short lip lift (italian lip lift) at the base of the nose is my preference,
  • The extended bullhorn lift can leave visible scars. I avoid it.
  • Some on-line lip lifts show an incision above the lip itself. Results are quite disfiguring. 

Be sure you consult an ABMS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to find out what might correct the issue troubling you. Hope this helps!

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