How do I fix my old belly piercing? (Photo)

I had gotten my belly button pierced wrong , it was slightly cricked and close to the edge of my skin . About 5 or 6 months after I got pregnant and I just took out my piercing . And through my pregnancy the skin in from of the hole had stretch out and now it's shribbled up. Is there anyway I could improve how it looks ? Should I just get the bit of skin removed ? What should I do ?

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Belly piercing

The best advise is not to get belly piercing since is an area of high bacterial content, they get infected, scarred, and when you become pregnant, like you did, it stretches and does not recoil.  Your options are limited. Either have the skin excised and you will substitute a scar for a scar.  Or have a tightening procedure done.  Tightening can be accomplish with Radiofrequency, infrared or fractional ablative lasers. 

New Canaan Dermatologic Surgeon

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