How to Fix Cauliflower Ear Caused from Wrestling?

Is there an ear surgery performed by plastic surgeons to address this, and what exactly is performed to fix the ears from bulging and closing? Cost approx? Thanks.

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Wrestler's ear

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Cauliflower ear deformities are common in the world of wrestling and MMA.  Reconstruction of cauliflower ears can be simple or complicated.  In the most severe cases, the framework of the ear may need to be reconstructed. Even in these patients who need a total ear reconstruction, the results can be quite good.  A source of framework can be fashioned from rib cartilage or an artificial substance (Medpor).  This is not a common procedure and should only be performed by surgeon's experienced in this application.

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Otoplasty to correct cauliflower ears

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This can be done. The procedure can entail opening up the ear and reducing the cartilage and scar tissue that is causing the ear appearing like a cauliflower. Then it requires redraping of the skin and further techniques to ensure that they bleeding does not come back to cause more cauliflower formation.

Philip Young, MD
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Cauliflower ear surgery

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  1. If you are retired from contact sports, then you may be a surgery candidate, otherwise more trauma would damage results. 
  2. The ear surgery is a specialized OTOPLASTY.
  3. The ear will likely never look like they did before, but if the thickness is isolated to a small area, then the surgery is possible. 
  4. The costs depend on the extent of the ear deformity.   Best Wishes

Travis T. Tollefson, MD, MPH
Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

Cauliflower Ear Deformity Corrected By Cartilage Removal

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Cauliflower ears are the result of too much cartilage growth from trauma to the ear. In areas where the ear has been exposed to shearing forces, the skin is pulled off of the cartilage and blood fills the space...eventually turning into scar or cartilage. This requires the skin to be lifted off of the deformed area and the cartilage shaved back down to a normal shape either as a convexity or a concavity based on where the ear is misshapen. This needs to be under anesthesia to do this delicate surgery properly. The key to preventing a recurrence of the same problem from the surgery are methods to fix the skin back down and help hold in place so no blood forms between the two. The average ear reconstructive surgery cost will be between $3500 to $5000, depending on how extensive the cauliflower ear deformity is.

Ear surgery

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Cauliflower ear can be treated by lifting the skin and carving the thickened cartilage to a more normal shape. The reshaped ear needs to be dressed with a through the ear pressure dressing called a bolster dressing. Costs will vary by procedure and region, but expect $3,000-5,000. Surgery should not be attempted unless the patient has stopped doing the activity that caused it in the first place!

J. Charles Finn, MD
Raleigh-Durham Facial Plastic Surgeon
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