Fell on Chin in 5th Grade, and Has Been Uneven Since. What Can I Do to Fix It? How Much Will It Cost? (photo)

In the 5th grade I fell on black top directly on my chin. Ever since then my chin on the right side where I fell on it has been uneven. I asked my doctor about it at one of my physicals for athletics and he said it might just be extra tissue that grew in that area. I am very inexperienced with all of this and im wondering how much it will be for plastic surgery on this part of the body, and what exactly will need to be done! Thanks.

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Asymmetrical Over Projecting Chin

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If this is not hard like bone and movable it may be scar tissue which formed after  the trauma; this can be excised. If there has been new bone growth secondary to a bone bruise the excess can be filed to contour the mandible as I do on patients who have inherited a big chin. Cost will depend on what needs to be done.

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Chin Asymmetry Corrected By Bone Removal

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Most likely that represents an area of bone that was deposited due to the bleeding that took place under the periosteum from the fall which can happen at a younger age due to ongoing overall growth. That could be burred down/smoothed out from a small incision under the chin or could even be done from inside the mouth. (although it is a little easier recovery from below)

Uneven chin after injury

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Was there any injury to your jaw bone at the time of your injury?  If not, the unevenness most likely is due to some scar tissue around the area.  If it is just scar tissue, you could have surgery to remove some of the excess tissue which would help to even out your appearance.  This would be a fairly simple procedure and could be done in the office with just local anesthesia.  The cost will vary by surgeon but should be relatively inexpensive.  

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