Follow-Up Question: Eyelid infection seems to be slowly drying, but now there are other problems! (photos)

ER diagnsd cellulitis, gave 2 antibiotics. Saw PS 2 days later, said it's cont derm from bacitracin, wash it, dry out, put nothing on it, gave antiinflamm, stop antibiotics. ER called,said culture returnd yeast, gave Diflucan but still take rest antibiotics, which I am, better safe than sorry. Skin is cracked, if it scabs will it scar? Should I be lubricating it? Should I seek a new Dr? This Would not have happnd if dr had called me back a wk ago when I started calling. He seemed nonchalant.

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Please get specialize care for this.

I recommend seeing an oculoplastic surgeon unrelated to your surgeon for a second opinion.  No one should be nonchalant to this.  While you may heal beautifully, it is also possible that you will have permanent damage from this infection.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a regional directory on their website to help you find a highly qualified oculoplastic surgeon for a second opinion and further independent management advice.

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Lid allergy or infection

True infection in the eyelids is rare.  Allergy to ointments would be more common.  You are very dry and still inflammed.  You wrote previously that you were using Aquaphor.  Are you still using that?  Although very rare, there are some people who are allergic to the petroleum in Aquaphor, vaseline, ointments etc.  When they put these on the lid gets more red and itchy. 

You should be using some sort of steroid cream for the allergy, such as Lotemax which is for the eyes.  Just one or 2 days of this and you should see a tremendous improvement.  So need to see your doctor. Even if you had a yeast infection that has been treated and need the steroid.  

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