Remove Fat and Loose Skin Under Arms

I've had a Liposuction on my both armpit 6 years ago due to fatty/loose skin. I'm not sure if it's a breast tissue. My problem is it's back and left me a scar. I am so desperate on what kind of procedure I have to undergo. How much would the procedure cost?

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Getting rid of loose or fatty skin on armpit

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Hello fellow Tennesean,

Depending on your weight, it could well be breast tissue extending to the armpit (axilla in medical speak). You may want to look up THE AXILLARY TAIL OF SPENCE. The breast may actually have a comet like tail extending to the base of the arm pit.

The solution in the vast majority of people is liposuction. It MAY however leave you with loose skin in that area. This reduandancy is seen in people who lost 100 plus pounds. In those cases, a semi circular "C" shaped skin looseness extends from the shoulder blade to the base of the (often hanging) breast. In those cases, the redundancy is surgicall excised. Although the area is now flat, the scar is a long scar from the breast to the side of the back.

I would suggest liposuction first with a judicious use of a pressure garment to promote skin adherence.

I hope this answered your question.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Need direct removal

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This is most likely breast tissue. Although you state that it was removed 6 years ago but has since returned I suspect that surrounding fat tissue was removed that improved the condition but did not resolve the issue.

You would need a direct excision of this tissue. The incision could be performed in the armpit which would camouflage pretty well.

Procedure to remove fatty and loose skin on under arms?

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Hello Fellow Tennessean,

This may well be breast tissue. Even if this was fat, removing of the fat with liposuction would result in a droopy, empty sock deformity which would be visible.

The most cosmetic approach with such cases in my opinion is direct surgical removal of fat (or breast tissue) with the overlying skin resulting in a much flatter appearance. Being along the side, the scar will be visible only when you raise your arm, standing sideways. A small compromise in my opinion.

Hope this helped.

Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Remove Fat and Loose Skin Under Arms

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This may be excess breast tissue near the armpit. In my patients I have directly excised the skin and tissue with a hidden scar in the armpit. This may cost around 2200-4500 depending on your location.

Under arm puffs

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In my practice we refer to your condition as "axillary puffs."  For optimal results I remove an ellipse of skin in addition to the deeper tissue, which typically contains fat and breast tissue.  I hide the incision where the armpit hair is located and it heals very well. It is a great option for you.

David Stoker, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Axillary tissue/breasr tissue

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Based on your pictures I think you have excess breast tissue and overlying skin that should be treated with direct excision of the excess tissues. I think the liposuction only will leave you with loose skin that will likely require further surgery. The resulting scar can be hidden as much as possible in the axillary area. I would also suggest the use of a drain to avoid a accumulation of fluid postoperatively. Best wishes.

Arm pit fat and liposuction or arm lift

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You have laxity of a particular fascial layer that holds up your axillary tissue.  This can be corrected with surgery, but not an arm lift.  Schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable plastic surgeon.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Excess fat and tissue in the armpit, sides of breasts

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After examining the picture, it seems that you have both excess skin, breast tissue and fatty tissue in that area and would be best served by direct excision (removal of skin and fatty tissue). It will give you a very reasonable scar and corrects the problem permanently.

Hope this was helpful

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Management of extra skin and fat below armpits and sides of breasts

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In your case the redundant fold beneath your armpit on the sides of your breasts is probably a mixture of breast tissue (ectopic breast tissue and or "tail of Spence") and extra loose skin. It is made worse with weight gain and during pregnancy. Looking at your photograph, I would approach your concerns in one surgery by first doing liposuction and then lifting and removing the extra skin so that the final scar rests in your armpit to camouflage it.


Axillary breast tissue cannot be removed by liposuction.

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You have a large amount of axillary breast tissue that probably will need direct excision.  More than likely, the result will be better if skin is removed concurrently.  The scar is in the axilla and generally is very acceptable.

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