Does a Fat Transfer to Your Face Make Your Skin Dry Eventualy? That Seems to Have Happened to Me.

Hi There 15 months ago, I had some fat transferred, from my thigh and put into my cheeks and forehead.It was O.K, although every so often, my cheeks would become quite rosy,and i would experience tingling sensation.I would cover the "rosy glow",with a concealer,and after 3/4 days it would go away.This lasted on and off for a few months,and then stopped.Three months ago it returned with a vengance. My forehead,and down the sides of my face are the worst,I have moisturized,but to no effect, Panic !

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Facial Fat Grafting and Dryness?

  I would agree that in the dozens of people I have seen after facial fat grafting that the skin responses are beneficial.  I have not observed dryness.

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Skin Changes After Fat Transfer Usually Beneficial

Thank you for your question. Skin changes after fat transfer are predominantly beneficial.  The restoration of volume typically corrects deep grooves, scars, and restores youthful volume.  Due to the presence of stem cells in transferred fat, there have been anecdotal reports of improvement in radiated skin as well as wound healing.  This is the basis of the stem cell facelift.  Dryness and redness are not typically experienced by fat transfer patients.  It is possible that a previously undiagnosed skin condition like rosacea, or eczema could present itself after fat transfer, but this is probably coincidental.  A good skin analysis and consultation should help address this concern. Best Wishes

George Bitar, MD
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Skin dryness after fat transfer

Sorry to hear about your experience after fat transfer.  Typically, fat transfers do not cause dryness of the skin.  I would recommend you consult the doctor who performed your surgery for an in-person assessment as there may be another cause of your skin dryness.  Good luck! 

Joshua L. Fox, MD
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Fat transfer and skin quality

The most current information is showing that when fat is harvested and centrifuged, the lower component of fat has more of a concentration of stem cells.  When this fat is then transferred to the face the appearance is that of an improvement in the quality of the overlying skin.  So, a lot depends on how the fat was harvested, separated and injected.  There are a lot of variables.  I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

Roger J. Friedman, MD
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