Is Radio Frequency Effective/capable of Removing Fat Graft? What Are the Downsides?

Done fat graft in August wish to remove the mass on cheek very badly. Is radio frequency fat removal effective to damage or dissolve fat cell? What are the downsides? And how many session is recommended? Many thanks!

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Radiofrequency Effective for Removal of Fat Graft

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First of all, you should wait at least 6 months from the time of fat grafting to ensure that there isn't any residual swelling or that there will not be further shrinkage from some of the fat cells dying. After that you must be sure that you don't have an oil cyst (which could simply be aspirated) or have fat necrosis, which might need to be directly excised. 

If finally appears that you have been over grafted, I doubt radiofrequency will be the most effective method of reducing the fat volumes. In general this type of energy does not penetrate deep in to the tissues, and if higher energies are used to get deeper penetration, the fat injury can be irregular and unpredictable. Laser fat reduction would be a safer, more reliable, and more predictable way to treat the problem. A real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon experienced with using SmartLipo should be able to help you. 


Cheek fat removal

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Hello and thanks for your interest

Depending on the size and location of the fat it can be treated in different ways. A larger fat pocket below the cheek bone maybe ideal for liposuction or direct excision. Small fat "droplets" above the cheek bones and in the lower lid need excision with small incisions.

I doubt that any "external" method can dissolve fat "pockets" to your liking in the face.

A Plastic Surgeon examining you should be able to find a way to treat your condition. Nevertheless sometimes the treatment can cause more scars and problems than you like.

Good luck

Guido P. Gutter, MD
Evansville Plastic Surgeon
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Fat Graft Removal

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 I would recommend to liposuction that fat blob from a peripheral incision.  This can be done very precisely in a few seconds.

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