Is It Possible to Have Fat Transfer to This Area?

Is there any way possible to have more fat on my sternum between my breasts? I wouldn't say that they are far apart, or point to the sides of my body.

I'm a small B and happy with my breasts themselves. I just hate to see the bone poking out between my breasts. Oh the things we find to complain about : )

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Fat injection to sternum

Fat injection can certainly be performed to the sternal area.

However, with thin skin and prominent bony prominences, there is a risk of irregularities or lumpiness, so a conservative approach is often best to the problem.

You can discuss with your surgeon the pros and cons of undertaking this, and if surgery is warranted at all.

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Fat transfer to the breast cleavage area

Fat transfer can be done to improve the fullness and contour of the cleavage portion of your breasts- this may hide some irregularities along your sternum. The skin over the sternum is thin and tightly adherent to underlying connective tissue- thus fat grafting to the sternum itself is not successful.

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Fat Transfer to Thin Area Between Breasts

Hi Mandi,

Yours is the breast question of the day, and I will try my breast to answer it.

Yes you can have fat transfer to the area between you breasts. While you are at it, make sure that you are happy with your facial volume, as some volume can be placed there at the same time.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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