Is It Common to Have Scars After Fat Injections?

How common is it that the cannula used for facial fat grafting/injections leaves a scar? I know there are 10-20 points of injection commonly used for the entire face and I surely wouldn't want 10-20 little dots on my face!

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Injection site scarring not common

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The access points on the face to re-inject your fat are quite small and in my experience heal very imperceptibly.  I typically use a total of 6 of facial access sites so there aren't as many areas to heal either.

Viafill for fat injections

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Typically, 2- 4 small injections sites are used to cover the entire face. The viafill system has a special skin puncture needle that leaves an almost imperceptible dot. the cannulas are specially coated with a slippery coating so no injury to the skin occurs.

Scars from fat injection

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It is very rare for the small stab incisions used for introducing the fat to leave any significant mark on the face. The fat injection system usually used blunt needles as well.

Injection sites for fat transfer

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injection sites for fat transfer are few and depend where we are injecting to. The injectionsites are chosen carefuly to be well hidden in natural creases and wrinkles

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Uncommon for fat injection to leave cannula marks

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The cannula is commonly a larger bore needle. Generally it is uncommon to have marks from the injections. However, the injection points can occaionally and rarely become tethered. If this happens, it is ussually temporary and resolves with massage.

Scars after fat injection

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I'm surprised that you were told that there were 10-20 injection sites for a whole face.  We use 10 at the most and I can't imagine why you would need more.  Having said that I have never seen a scar from an injection site.  Not that it couldn't happen, but it must be extremely uncommon. 

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