Fat Transfer Face How Long Before the Fat Settle? Why Do Some People Loose the Fat After a Year?

I don't understand why some people loose the fat from a fat transfer in face after a year cause the fat whats left after 3/4 months should be permanent and then the fat should settle. So how can some people loose the fat after a year while the fat should be a part of the body at that time and should be hard to loose cause fat is hard to loose.

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Final results at 3-6 months

Most cases of fat transfer will stabilize at about 3 months, though in some patients a bit of rebound expansion can occur at up to 6 months.

Weight change [loss or gain] can change the appearance of the face as well, as that fat will enlarge and shrink as well.

And as we age, we will lose fat from our face naturally.

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Fat transfer for the face and results

Dear mariaz1994,

  1. There are a few reasons why fat can be lost from the face
  2. Weight loss will translate into lost volume in the face
  3. Time - as time goes on, the fat will go down as well
  4. The results after a year are pretty indicative of how much fat will be left over

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