Fat Transfer into Cheeks to Add Volume to Flat Cheeks After Jaw Surgery

Hi, I got upper and lower jaw surgery done 7 months ago. After having my upper jaw brought back, i've noticed my cheeks don't seem as round as before the surgery. i've been looking into fat transfer and had some concerns. first im wondering if the scar tissue that is left under the skin, from surgery, would cause a problem for fat transfer to cheeks? Also if fat transfers are permanent and how many touchups are needed to make sure fat stays permanently? please get back.. thanks brookee

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Fat grafting should work in scar tissue within reason

My experience is that fat works well in moderate scar.  In very very very scarred areas the blood supply can be compromised.  In your case, I think you will be fine.  However, because fat grafting is a metabolically active product I tend not to do it in very young people like under 30 years of age. If you want to understand why review my Web site (see link below).  In my hands fat grafting is a one time procedure in over 90% of my patients.  Most doctors do not wait long enough for the fat to 'take" and I think they wind up with overfilled faces down the road.  To understand my philosophy, watch the attached video of a talk I recently gave in San Diego.


Dr. Sam Lam
Dallas, Texas

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fat injections to the cheeks for volume.,

Fat injections to the cheeks will work very well to accomplish what you are seeking. Your jaw surgery will not have a significant effect on the graft taking.  Usually, one or two additional grafting sessions are required to get the maximal benefit.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Facial fat injections

Fat injections are grafts. Cells from one area have been moved to a new area and they develop a new blood flow. Once the cells stabilize and others die because they don't have enough blood flow, then the remaining living cells should live long term. It may take a year to show how well the graft is holding up and what percent is being maintained. More fat injections can be done to compensate for the volume that didn't live and this can be done several more times over a few yeas.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fat Transfer after Orthognathic Surgery

It is a little unusual not to have a rounder face after your jaw(s) were repositioned back.  Certainly, fat transfer is an option.  Seven months after surgery should be a reasonable amount of time to proceed if you are a good candidate.  Fat transfers are permanent but as with any non transferred fat the area will change with weight loss or gain.  The number of procedures to gain a desired result varies base on your goal and if complications occur that negatively influence the result.

Dr. ES

Fat transfer

Your surgery on the upper jaw to set it back have the scar deep at the bone, little scar superficial.

However the surgery did interfer with blood supply to some extend. The fat graft is permanent(5 years).

you may need one to two toutch ups, depend on the experience of the surgeon and your own situation. How much fat you want, the scars and the technique

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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