Burning Skin Sensation After Lipo and Fat Grafting

My Friend Had Fat Grafting, and Lipo Done About 5 Days Ago. Is burning skin sensation normal after lipo and fat grafting. It's really sensation to touch.

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Burning pain after lipo may not be normal

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Any change in pain after surgery needs to be evaluated by your surgeon.  Pain is normal after any surgery, but a change in type, degree or severity should always be evaluated.

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Burning sensation after liposuction and fat grafting

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If there is new burning sensation several days after the fat injections and liposuction there might be an infection and the patient should see the doctor immediately. If this was noted immediately after the procedure then it might be normal for that doctor's technique. Make sure the patient asks their doctor for reassurance.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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