Fat Injections into Front / Side of Thigh to Correct Liposuction Indentations

Had lipo twice in the thigh area and it looks like a bump/lumpy with cellulite deposits around it, making is like little indentures = cellulite. Had a consult and will be using bodytite lipo and surgeon suggested harvesting my own fat and putting it back in, that is after he has lipoed the same area. I thought bodytite would make is smoother than regular lipo and would even it out. So I am not sure about the fat injection part. PLUS, does it not dissipate after a while?

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Liposuction irregularities treated with microliposuction and fat injections

There is no perfect result once indentations occur after liposuction, nor is there a perfect treatment for cellulite, but if indentations occur after liposuction, they can be improved.  Sometimes there are underresected lumps of fat that can be focally treated with small liposuction cannula and depressions near them can be filled with a series of fat injections (sometimes one is enough). If a patient however, has a myriad of these indentations or lumps, it is very difficult to provide a smooth result, regardless of what type of equipment is used.

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Agree with the other responses. SmoothShapes would also help with the irregularities and we add this to the other corrective treatments mentioned. We also have had great long-term success with fat grafting.

Michael Hueneke, MD
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Fat Augmentation to Correct Liposuction Indentations.

Fat augmentation to improve contour irregularities after liposuction can be very rewarding with long term/permanent improvement. After doing fat transfers for over 25 years, I still hear people say it does not  work; that has not been our experience.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Correction of liposuction indentation and canula marks IS VERY  DIFFICULT

It  has been scarred and is very uneven. some areas may have been over liposuctioned others under liposuctioned, and using any method of liposuction would not make it smooth again. Correction may involve liposuction, fat transfer and sometimes a tightening procedure. BUT WILL NEVER BE SMOOTH AS BEFORE ALL THE SURGERIES.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Correcting liposuction bumps is very difficult

Skin dimpling (contour deformities) after liposuction are very difficult to treat.  Liposuction and fat transfer can be used but unfortunately no matter what the result will always be somewhat imperfect.  You may require multiple treatments to improve (not to correct) your problem.
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