Is it Normal to have Tightness, Fat Clumps, Numbness and Tingling after Fat Transfer to Face?

I have fat transfer to my cheek bones, jawline, upper & lower lipps last week May 13th. My face feel frozen, my lips hardened like gummy bears inside them. Some fat clumps on my cheeks area and jawlines. It feel tight when I sneeze, cough, smile, talk even brushing teeth. At times feeling numbness and tingling around the cheek bones area. My lips do not moved like they use too and no feeling when applying lipstick or liner. Can any professional advice available? Is this normal for fat transfer?

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Fat injections

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fat injections may be considered minimally invasive by some, but it is trauma and there is healing and swelling which can make weird symptoms such as what you have described.  you need to heal over several months to obtain the long-term picture.  See your surgeon to be evaluated and either reassured or treated.

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Fat clumps, tightness and tingling after fat transfer

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After fat transfer there is swelling that is expected. Numbness and tingling are from nevre irritation as long as the fat was injected superficially. The question is how far out from the procedure are you currently? No firm recs can be made with limited information.

Tightness and tingling after fat transfer

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The tightness, numbness and tingling you're experiencing can be a normal part of the healing process this soon after surgery. Quite a bit of swelling can be expected after fat grafting to the areas you describe. This should dissipate over time. You should be sure to check with your surgeon to make sure everything is healing appropriately.

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