Can You Have Fat Grafting if You Had Silicone Butt Injections?

I had silicone butt injection about 10-11 years ago can i have Fat grafting ? had no problems

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Silicone injections into buttocks years ago--now wants fat grafts!

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You are very lucky you have not had problems from your silicone injections. Lumps, granulomas, draining infections, and other issues can result from silicone injections, and even worse ones from non-medical-grade silicone injections. Glad to hear you are one of the "lucky ones!"

Fat grafting is theoretically possible, but you need to have healthy tissue surrounding the fat grafts for them to survive, so it really depends on how much and where the silicone was injected a decade ago. It is still there and will never go away. If your surgeon inadvertently infects the silicone with the fat injections, you will not only lose your fat grafts, but also start the problems in your silicone injections you have been so fortunate to avoid.

Although I am not a big fan of solid silicone buttock implants (too high an infection risk IMHO), this may actually be a safer choice for you in this situation (if you really MUST go ahead with some sort of buttock enhancement again). Consider the ramifications carefully before proceeding! Best wishes!

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