Put on 8 Pounds of Fluid After Lipo & Fat Transfer. Is This Normal?

Eight days ago, I had Lipo to inner things, tummy, and arms, PLUS fat transfer to hips. I went in to the procedure weighing a steady 127 pounds (weight rarely fluctuates). I was 134 pounds 5 days post-op. Now at 8 days post-op, I'm 136 pounds. This must be fluid retention, right? I haven't exercised vigorously but have been moving around for the last few days, and I'm eating healthfully, w/out lots of sodium or processed foods. What can I do get rid of this fluid/weight, and is this normal?

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Weight gain after lipo and fat transfer

I agree with others that weight gain after lipo and fat transfer is most likely due to fluid retention

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8 pound weight gain after Liposuction and Fat Transfer is normal-it will resolve

Weight gain is normal after Liposuction and Fat Transfer. Wetting solutions are injected into the area to be Liposuctioned and this can amount to 6-8 pounds.

In addition, the trauma of surgery causes water retention which adds to the weight gain.

Be patient, this weight gain can take a month to stabilize.

Stay well hydrated but avoid salty foods as they will cause you to retain water.

In addition be conscious of the fact that after surgery your body will want and need protein for healing. This can stimulate your appetite. Be careful to eat nutritious balanced diet and try to eat fewer fatty foods.

Significant weight gain maintained 8 days post liposuction

A gain in weight after liposuction is not an uncommon occurrence and is usually related to fluid accumulation. At 8 days postoperatively, this issue is still fairly common. With increased activity as recommended by your surgeon, this fluid/weight should start coming off particularly in light of your relative calorie "restriction". Be patient. Though some people use diuretics to rid themselves of water, caution should be taken.

You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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Wieght gain after lipo and fat transfer

Yes this is entirely normal due to the fact that water and anesthesia was placed to perform the procedure, followed by trauma to remove fat which will naturally swell.

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Weight gain after liposuction

Weight gain in the first week after liposuction is not uncommon due to fluid retention. In addition, when full body liposuction is performed, a significant amount of fluid is infused into your fat just prior to its removal. Your body will eventually mobilize and remove the fluid. Important at this point in your recovery are the compression garments. They will help with resolution of the swelling. Good luck

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Weight gain after fat transfer and liposuction

This can be due to the inflammation in those areas and the fluid that this retains. This will not be permanent. I would wear some compression dressings in those areas to help the fluid dissipate but consult with your physician first.


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