Facial Implants and Military Work

i have many facial implants including SI chin, nose, porex ORI and malars. had these operations about 2 years ago and now i am at a different stage in my life n would like to enlist in marine corps, which is a petri dish of infections like sinusitis,pneumonia,etc. i regret putting foreign materials in my body as i NOW know infection can be any time. ive not had issues with infections in the past,but how likely is it that i get infected at work?i really dont want to have anymore removal surgery.

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Facial Implants and the Risk of Infection in the Military

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Though there is always an increased risk of infection with facial implants, if you have not had any problems to this point 2 years after your surgery, then most likely you will be okay.  If infections do develop, then that would be the time to consider having the implant removed.  Thank you for your courage and willingness to defend the USA as a Marine, G-d Bless.  Good luck and be well.

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Facial Implants and the Risk of Infection

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If you have not had any problems or infections during the two yrs you have had your implants, then most likely you will be ok. However any facial trauma can compromise your implants or create an environment for infection. If that occurred that would be the time to consider implant removal.


Facial implant infection and work

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I would agree with my colleagues below, in that, it would be highly unusual to see a delayed implant infection within normal working conditions. Obviously facial trauma compromising the integrity of the implant or the capsule in any environment could cause an infection at any time.

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Risk of infection with facial implants

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With respect to the porex if it has incorporated with vascular in growth the risk of infection is no different than if they were not there. The silicone is a different story and the risk is dependent on a number of factors including the external factors you mention but also internal factors. The latter would include the characteristics of the capsule around the implant, how mobile the implant currently is etc. Therefore the likelihood of infection is not exactly predictable. The best you can do is try to maintain hygiene and at the earliest sign of a problem (pain, redness, heat, drainage) see a physician right away.

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