Is There a Procedure to Change the Profile of my Face?

I don't like the side-view of my face. I have a flat forehead, short nose, and a protruding chin. I've always wished I had a more feminine look- with a slightly rounded forehead, longer nose, and a not-so-pointed chin. Is this possible?

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Procedure to change profile of the face

Certainly a protruding chin can be brought back with removal and osteotomies of the chin area to decrease the projection. There are no good methods of augmenting the forehead. The nose can be addressed through multiple different rhinoplasty techniques depending upon the needs, wishes, and desires of the patient.  

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Procedure to Change Facial Profile



Your best bet is to consult in person with a few plastic surgeons or facial plastic surgeons who can evaluate you and determine the best course to help you achieve your facial goals.  Good luck and be well.

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