Will a Facelift at 50 Last into Your 60's?

Does it make a difference at which age you get a facelift in terms of how long it will last?

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Will a Facelift in My 50's, Last into My 60's?

Great question. We get asked this question frequently. The answer however, is complex. There are many things besides age that determine the outcome and "how long will it last". Your general health, habits(smoking/sun exposure) and genetics all affect your healing and subsequent outcome.  When it comes to how long a facelift will last, that again depends on the above factors. Most studies and experienced surgeons would say that the average facelift lasts 8-12 years. Keep in mind that facial surgery does not stop the clock from ticking but at best just turns back time. Once the surgery is complete, you will continue to age but from your new starting point. Remember that we are all individuals. Discuss your expectations and concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon and make sure you are comfortable with their answers. Good luck.

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Lower face and neck lift with local anesthesia

A well preformed lower face and neck lift should have a long lasting results. This procedure can be performed with local anesthesia and twilight sedation without the need for general anesthesia.

Kevin Sadati, DO
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Face Lift Longevity or How Long-term is a Facelift Result

Facelifts, no matter what the technique will last your life time. Some facelifts like a SMAS facelift, a MACS lift or deep plane facelift will last longer than a skin only facelift such as is usually done by the LifeStyle Lift or Quick Lift companies. However, in general, if your procedure rolls the clock back 4 or 5 years then that clock will stay rolled back but we cannot stop the aging process.
I think what a lot of people are asking is how long will it be until I need another lift? While we cannot say how you will age going forward and how you will like your result 10 years from now, the studies suggest that most repeat facelifts are done at about 10 years after the first facelift.

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Face Lift

Our best research shows that a facelift lasts on average 8 years some way more and some way less it will depend on your tissue quality

Age to have a face lift

Think of a face lift as setting back the clock.  You will continue to age but will always look better that you would have had you not done the face lift.  It is typical that by 10 years you would be ready for another lift.

The big question to ask is at what age do you want to start enjoying the benefits of a younger face.  Most of my patients are having their lifts in their 50’s.

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Facelift: How long will it last? when is the right time to have the procedure?

A Facelift is a surgical procedure with many variations and styles and each technique is associated with certain results and longevity.  In general, cutting corners or finding the "easy," quick option comes with a price, and that is less results.  A facelift that is based on repositioning the underlying muscle and soft tissues such as a high SMAS lift can give you natural dramatic results that last you many years.  Having a well done facelift in your 50's is an ideal time.  Your body and facial tissues will heal well and your results will likely last you through your 60's.  This is dependent on having a facilift that elevates and repositions your SMAS layer to gain longevity, aesthetics, and natural results.  Combining this surgical procedure with skin care and a healthy diet and lifestyle will allow you to mainain and maximize your beauty!

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Longevity of a facelift

A facelift turns the clock back so-to-speak about 10-15 years.  Unfortunately, we still live on planet Earth and gravity continues to exert a constant force and the sun continues to shower us with ultraviolet radiation.

Most surgeons would say that a facelift lasts about 10 years. If you age slowly, then the facelift lasts longer. If you age quickly, then the facelift doesn't last as long.

Things like smoking, prolonged sun exposure, being in a bad mood all the time (scowling) and poor skin care will cause you to lose your results more quickly.

Excellent skin care, protecting your skin daily with sunscreen, combining a facelift with skin rejuvenation/resurfacing/tightening with nonsurgical Laser and RF and strategic use of Botox and fillers can do wonders to make a facelift last much longer than it otherwise would.

I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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You will continue to age, but with the clock turned back, you will always look better

The easy and consistent answer is that you will always look better after your procedure.  In other words, while you will continue to age, this will not take place at the usual accelerated rate because your surgery turned back the clock a bit, so that you will always look better than if you had not done the surgery at all. 

The advantages of having this surgery performed at a younger age are:  you heal much more naturally and more quickly; there is much less risk to the surgical procedure and any associated anesthesia.  There will be a more natural appearing improvement to your facial contours that is less noticeable to friends and family.  Perhaps the most important reason to consider doing this type of surgery sooner rather than later is that you will have a longer time to enjoy the results.

Michael R. Macdonald, MD
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Longevity of facelift results

Facelifts typically last approximately 10 years before needing to be redone.  Longevity of facelift results ultimately depends on skin type and the aging process.  If performed properly it will have lasting effects well into the sixth decade.

William Portuese, MD
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Is An Early Facelift Better and Longer Lasting

The short answer is yes. If a lift and fill facelift is done at a younger age in the 50s – the longevity and facial shaping is enhanced long term, but remember one must alter and lift the deep SMAS layers along with deep malar fat compartment enhancement to achieve longer lasting results.


Rod J. Rohrich, MD
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