I Have a Gummy Smile, Long Face, Weak Chin, Overbite, and Asymmetrical Smile. What Are My Low Cost Options? (photo)

I know I need jaw surgery, but that is out the question due to cost. Believe it or not, I have actually grown to love my gums, but the chin and long face annoy me. What low cost options do I have? Can 1 procedure address all these issues? I've had braces already..

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Gummy smile

These are all different issues in that the gummy smile (clearly evident in the first posted photo) can be separate from the retruded chin etc in terms of treatment. The chin in fact may not be retruded but only look that way because the upper jaw protrudes too much. The only way to know exactly what the facial bone relationships are is to measure them at a face to face physical examination and with specific x-rays (cephalometrics). There is no way to know what your options are without these measurements and analysis. If someone agrees to put a chin implant in in cases like yours without them you need to run in the other direction.

I suspect you have overgrowth of the upper jaw in the vertical and front to back directions. That would give you an overjet and possible an underbite. I am not sure you have an overbite as the lower jaw may not be small enough for that. The best way to lower the upper jaw's vertical height is jaw surgery with removal of a horizontal wafer of bone. I don't there is any chin implant on this planet that can get rid of your gummy smile when placed on your chin.

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Low cost options?


Please, please be careful with low cost options.  This is how people talk themselves into being injected with silicone oil at pumping parties.  Silicone is cheap to put in, associated with disfiguring scaring, and too often impossible to fix.  Perlane to your chin can create a chin implant effect for one or two years without having surgery.  Please be safe out there.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Weak chin

Stick to fillers. Anything surgical can potentially have a problem requiring additional surgeries which could get you into a financial mess that you are obviuosly trying to avoid.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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Low cost options for weak chin, etc.

A chin implant would give you the most result for your money. Fillers won't do the job and ultimately be more expensive.

Toby Mayer, MD
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