Facelift at Age 45 - Will I Need a Redo Later?

I understand some doctors believe that a lady should wait until the menopause to have a facelift because most of the changes will shows after this. That is why I am concern about to have it done or not. If I have it now, I guess I will need one more on 7 year? This is true or not? Thank you !

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"Facelift" "Facelift at any age" "Facelift redo"

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A facelift performed at any time might eventually require additional surgery to keep it useful in the future. Generally, however, what I see is when the patients come back ten years later after a facelift, they still look better than they did ten years before since no one “needs” a facelift at any age. It will not be required to have a redo later. It simply depends on whether or not you feel that it will be beneficial.

Reston Plastic Surgeon

Your 40's may not be too young for a facelift.

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If you have a facelift now, you will always look younger than if you didn't have a facelift.  However, if you want to "maintain" that look, you probably will need to have another lift.  The timing of your second lift really depends on your goals and lifestyle.  If you are a Hollywood actress that never wants to age, you may need a revision lift in less than 5 years.  If you just want to always look good for your age, you can probably wait 10 years or longer.  If you "protect your investment" with good skin care, diet, and sun protection your results will last longer.  So when should you get your first facelift?  When your face concerns you enough to consider surgery.  In many respects, your 40's is not to your for a facelift, particularly if you have experienced significant sun damage and have genetics that tend to "sag".  The benefit of  getting a facelift when you are younger is that you get to enjoy the results longer.

David Magilke, MD
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

Age and Facelift

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 Today, many people have their surgery at an older age because the non invasive techniques allow the patient  improve her appearance many years . But If you are unhappy with your aesthetic appearance,  you are a good candidate for a Facelift (perhaps a MACS Lift) 

Enrique Pedro Gagliardi, MD, PhD
Argentina Plastic Surgeon

Will you need another facelift.

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Dear Vanidad,

Its a good question you ask about whether you will need another Facelift in seven years. Whether any woman chooses to have additional facial surgery is a very personal decision. In general, having a Facelift earlier is a nice approach for three reasons: there is usually less that needs to be done so the results are more natural, the skin and tissue are of better quality than when they are older, and finally people are healthier when they are younger. Better tissue characteristics and better health also mean the results may last longer.

Results from face lift generally last 8 to 12 years. It is at this point that women in general would see benefit from more surgery if they were inclined. The question for you is how long you would like to wait or how many signs of facial aging would you like to have before you do the surgery. My patients often present around your age and have very long lasting natural results.

I hope this is helpful and good luck with your surgery.

Bernard A. Shuster, MD, FACS
Hollywood Plastic Surgeon

Appropriate age for facelift

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There is really no perfect age for a facelift. Every individual ages differently and at different rates. While patients of more advanced age may have more aging changes, and thus have a more dramatic result, there are many patients at age 45 who would benefit greatly from a facelift.

Ryan Greene, MD, PhD
Fort Lauderdale Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift timing

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Timing of rejuvenative facial surgery is most dependant on your appearance and desires than just your age.  However if you are thinking of a procedure at 45 it is very likely that you will elect to have something else done in your 50s.  This is not necessary a bad thing if your desire is to maintain a youthful look as compared to waiting until things look worse and surgery becomes a "turning back the clock" procedure as compared to maintanance.  Maybe a "mini facelift" now is a better choice.

Facelift at 45

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Every person ages differently. Some of the celebrities, or even people not in the public eye who never seem to age often take full advantage of non-surgical aesthetic enhancements in addition to small surgical procedures along the way. No two facelifts are exactly alike. At 45, you may have concerns with the neck or the eyes, but not the midface. Facial rejuvenation surgery should be customized for you and your specific needs. I often ask people to bring in a photo from their youth. The goal is not to make a person 20 again, but by reviewing aging changes, a patient and I can together examine of the subtle changes that have taken place. With facial rejuvenation, a beautiful, natural looking result, is all about attention to small details with surgery performed by a plastic surgeon with expertise who listens to your concerns and truly understands your goals.  View many, many before and after images as evidence of experience, and to make sure that you and your surgeon share a similar aesthetic ideal.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift longevity

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In general, facelift results last about 7-10 years. There are certain things that you can do to help sustain the results of your facelift, such as weight maintenance and physical activity. It is not unusual to want or need a "touch up" 7-10 years after your first surgery. However, this is not always necessary as certainly dermal fillers can be used to maintain a look without surgery.

Sandy Sule, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Facelift Timing

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Live for the moment. This is a saying that often applies to plastic surgery.  When is the correct time to do a facelift? When what you see bothers you.  Facelift procedures are real operations with risks and recoveries and should not be taken lightly, however, if what you see bothers you, the procedure will be beneficial. 

Marc Schneider, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift maintenance

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As a general rule I believe patients with early aging changes get longer lasting results with their facelift procedures than those that wait until they have developed major sagging or wrinkles. That being said, each age group can obtain excellent outcomes from the surgical approach. The older indivuidual with more aging changes will usually require touch up procedures much sooner versus the younger age group which frequently requires minimal maintenance except good skincare for 7 to 10 years. The ever-increasing utilization of the "liquid facelift" concept  can be incorporated into touch up procedures rather than surgical touch up procedures. The possibilities are always improving as time goes on.

Deason Dunagan, MD
Huntsville Plastic Surgeon

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