Opinions on What is Happening to my Chin Scar - 2nd Surgery Post Op

Has first face lift with neck lift almost a year ago. Chin scar did not heal correctly, so 3 weeks ago, I had a revision of the chin scar. A week after surgery, the healing is worse than the first surgery. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Take a look at the pic. At each end of the scar there is like a pucker or a pocket eat end of the scar. Opinions on how to correct this? THANKS for any opinions.

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Too early to predict how this will turn out.

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The "sub-mental" or incision below the chin takes the longest time to  heal of any of the facelift incisions.

Typically if a lot of work has been done, it will take three months or even longer for it to "mature".

To prevent this we use pressure on the incision starting at two weeks by cutting a foam pad the follows the junction of the face and neck and secure it with a 2 inch ace bandage. We ask the patient to wear it for six hours a day till the scar softens.  If there still is no response we may treat the area with steroids or laser.

There usually are options both non invasive and sometimes revision to improve these incisions.

Dr. Mayl

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Chin Scar Treatment

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Having a prominent and long scar under your chin can certainly be very concerning. Time will help as my colleagues have written. For your consideration I would suggest you can also use a silicone gel tape product such as Mepiform.

Bernard A. Shuster, MD, FACS
Hollywood Plastic Surgeon

Chin Scar after Facelift

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You are very early in the postoperative period.  The abnormalities you are seeing are most likely the result of postoperative swelling.  You need to allow time for the swelling and induration to subside before you can truly assess your results.  This can take up one year.  In the meantime, I would suggest gentle massage and warm compresses, at the discretion of your current surgeon.  Good Luck, Dr. Corrado

Anthony Corrado, DO
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift chin scar

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At the early postop point where you are it would be best to massage the scar and give it time.  Use your thumb and some emu oil or vit E and massage the scar in circular motions against the bone.

Healing after scar revision

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Judging from your photograph taken one week after your revision, it appears that the edges of the incision are still inflamed and swollen. After any surgical procedure, your body has to proceed through three distinct stages of wound healing. After one week, you are just entering the second stage. Irregularity and redness are common after one week in almost every surgical incision. This may be even more pronounce in a revision as there is already inflammation and scar tissue from the first procedure. With time and continued healing, this will almost certainly improve. In the meantime, if your surgeon gives his/her approval, topical treatments like Mederma or ScarGuard may help improve the appearance. Another important point is to protect the scar from sun and to use a good sunscreen if going outside. Nonetheless, I would expect that over the next few months the scar will continue to improve.

Gregory J. Vipond, MD, FRCSC
Inland Empire Facial Plastic Surgeon

Fullness at either end of chin scar and neck lift

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The primary goal is to determine if this is due to skin or muscle. In the former case, time may produce an improvement within 6 monhts. In the latter, it could be the platysma, in which case the Botox may be useful.

Chin Scar Revision takes time to heal

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Thanks for your photo and history.  Based on that, your chin scar is definitely still healing, and the puckering you see in your scar should flatten and dissipate with time. 


Scars take about 6-12 months to fully heal.  The process is called scar maturation.  While it seems like a long time, most of the healing occurs right after surgery, usually within the first 1-3 months after your procedure.  It's during this 6-12 month healing time, and especially right after the procedure, that taking care of your scar is very important and most effective.


Generally, non-surgical techniques should help your scar heal better, including sunscreen or protection from the sun, antibiotic ointment, anti-scar agents, possible hydrocortisone, possible silicone gel bandages, possible cortisone injections, and other agents.  It would be best to talk to your plastic surgeon about what he/ she recommends now to allow your scar to heal the best.


Thanks for the great question, and talk to you plastic surgeon.

Roy Kim, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Revision of facelift chin scar

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Based on your picture, there seems to be more skin and tissue on the sides behind the scar. It is unlikely to be muscle but this could be determined by a physical exam. Since it is only a week after your revision, the best thing to do is wait to see if it improves (2-3 months may be reasonable). If it persists, ask your surgeon about improving it. A little in-office liposuction may help along with a small scar revision. Perhaps posting your picture in 2-3 months would be useful for more advise (include the same view plus a side and full front view).


Scar under chin after facelift

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Swelling and scar under the chin area are major issues post facelift surgery. The healing in sub mental area is very slow causing prolonged edema, in some instances it require steroid injections to reduce the duration of this swelling. 

Chin scar

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Based on your photos it appears that you have a excess skin on either side of the scar. This may resolve with time and massage.  Laser tightening (Smartlipo) may also help.

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