Eyelid surgery at 30? (photo)

I recently went in for a Botox consultation and was told I was not a canidate. The doctor instead said I would need a slight brow lift and upper eyelid surgery. I've always noticed the extra skin over my eyelids and have known that I would need surgery at some point to correct this but am I too young for this procedure now?

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The youngest age to have upper eyelid surgery? The importance of the Tarsal Fixation Blepharoplasty.

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The reasons not to perform eyelid surgery in young people is the risk of the scar being visible and of recurrence after the surgery. In this case repeat surgery would inevitably be required in the future. This is the reason for the origin of the term ‘nip and tuck surgery’.
To digress for a moment, if it was your nose that was not correct, most surgeons would have been happy to operate on it when you were in your late teens. Similarly with overly small breasts in a teenager, most surgeons are happy to operate to correct the deficiency in the patients late teens.
So you may reasonably ask, what is the difference with your upper lids then? First,  upper lid surgery was developed to correct aging changes. Yet you had this situation even before you had aged. So, in your situation you are wanting correction of a deformity that precedes aging but looks like aging. This occurs in a small proportion of people with upper eyelids that are not attractive.
Second, the standard upper lid operation has limitations, but these do not present a problem in older tissues; but they would in a younger person, such as a 30 year old. That is the reason most surgeons wisely do not recommend surgery at a young age.
However, you should know that there is a more sophisticated upper lid correction operation that is perfect for your situation. It is called the tarsal fixation blepharoplasty. Unfortunately, it is practiced by only a few surgeons and these surgeons need to perform it regularly to have the correct finesse with the operation.

The essence of the operation is to surgically define the lid crease. This involves the skin, at the correct level, being attached to the internal tissues. This is a permanent crease that people with lovely eyes have, but is what is lacking in your situation. The formation of the crease takes up a lot of the skin that looks to be excessive and only after this, is any true skin excess measured and removed. This is much less skin than with the standard operation.
Because the skin is not tight, there is no tension on the lid skin so the scar will heal to be so fine to become invisible, even with the eyes closed. Furthermore the eyelashes will naturally curl up rather than droop and remarkably, the brow gives the illusion of being higher. So you definitely should not consider having a browlift. Low brows are attractive and youthful provided the lid fold is there and doing what it should.
Because of the tarsal fixation operation I have performed upper lid correction on many women in their twenties, over the years. They have the benefit of having the correction when they need it and all love their scarless eyes. Some of my patients had this done 25+ years ago and have not looked like needing a revision.

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You are a great microdroplet Botox candidate.

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it is complex but you are at high risk of being harmed by eyelid surgery.  I encourage you to read my blogs on my website so that you are much better informed about these choices.

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