Eyebrows transplant touch up - How long should I wait? (photo)

Hi doc, i had 12 days ago eyebrows transplant. It was the fue method.I realized that the Doctor missed the area I wanted. The clinic said I should wait a year so as not to damage the implanted, But what area I want to, empty follicles I just want this line they missed. Is there a risk transplant two weeks after implantation?

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Why eyebrow transplants are more complex than scalp hair transplants, and why density is limited by blood supply to hair roots

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I've also answered your question in this video on YouTube:

How Eyebrow Transplants Differ from Scalp Hair Transplants, & Factors that Affect Hair Survival

Hair transplant to specialized areas of the eyebrows are complex compared to hair transplants from the scalp. One of the things that we desire is density to make the eyebrows look natural. When you look at eyebrow hair, there’s a certain angularity of the placement of the hairs necessary to make it look natural. At the same time, it is very important that each graft has a proper blood supply. Even if you wanted to add more hair, sometimes you have to stop because if you place too many, you can actually compromise the survivability of the hairs being transplanted.

In our practice, we use a method that we derived from our Hair Regeneration treatment using something called extracellular matrix. This helps in accelerating healing so that we get the maximum yield from our transplants. In terms of the physiology of the growth of the hairs, your doctor is certainly consistent with what is the standard of the field.

Hair grows in cycles. There is a shock phase where existing hairs as well as transplanted hairs can fall out temporarily. It can take months for new hairs to grow in. In our practice, we see our patients fairly regularly so that they don’t worry about second guessing if something doesn’t look right. You just have to realize that it is not likely your doctor missed a spot. You may also be noticing that a spot looks empty because the hair has shed or just from normal tissue swelling. 12 days after your hair transplant, you still will have some swelling.

Continue to communicate with your doctor’s office and expect that there will be progression. We tell our patients who are for eyebrow transplant that although we will place as many grafts as we can, we need to have you prepared to do additional surgery if you want a certain density of hair. You’ll be surprised how quickly a year goes by and you’ll have a different perception. By then, you can see if you want to do additional grafting.

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Eyebrow transplant

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You really should wait a year until you have any revision done to the grafted area.  Even if you feel it is in a 'missed' area, you don't want to again stress or traumatize the area that was treated recently.  Not only could previous grafts be cut but they are trying to establish themselves in the new location and need adequate time to do so.  As frustrating as it may be to wait, it is better to wait than risk damage to already placed grafts and native brow hair. 

Grant Stevens, MD
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Eyebrow transplant

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It's a good idea to check with your surgeon again.  There is swelling, crusting which makes it hard to plan accurately. 

I would advise waiting 9 months to 1 yr before touch up. Often with eyebrow transplants we need to do a bit of touch up anyways (20-30% of patients). 

If you understood all the associated risks and benefits after speaking to your surgeon, you certainly could go ahead right now and add a small number of grafts to a missed area. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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Go back to your doctor as soon as possible if there was a single spot missing.

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Go back to your doctor as soon as possible if there was a single spot missing.  Sometimes they can add a few touch up hairs without having to wait.  This is a the discretion of the doctor.  Every doctor is different.  There is no set rule on this.  In the end it is best to follow your doctor's recomendations.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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