Can i use hand hair for a eyebrow transplant?

I had a eyebrow transplant nearly 5 months ago and am not really happy with the result so far. The blunt ends make it look really unnatural. Also the constant trimming is a pain in the ass. However I have noticed that the hair on my hands is almost the same as my native eyebrow hair in texture and length, so I was wondering if it is possible to take all the head hair out (500 grafts) and transplant hand hair (not arms) to my eyebrow?

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You may not be happy with your donor hair quality, but your results also depend on the skill of the doctor.

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You may not be happy with your donor hair quality, but your results also depend on the skill of the doctor. In theory you can harvest hairs from the hand or arms but this is not usually done since it those hairs may not grow or look "natural" as you may think.  There are limitations with any cosmetic surgery and this should be understood before having any procedure. 

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Eyebrow transplant

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It is most common to take grafts from the scalp (near the ear) for the eyebrows.  It can take many months for the transplanted hair to take on the characteristics of the new site and become more like the native hair. Be patient with the new grafts.  They will still go through changes.  I would not recommend removing the transplanted hair or replacing them with hair from the hand. Good luck. 

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Eyebrow transplantation is becoming more common because of the popularity of FUE procedures.  Eyebrow transplantation is commonly performed at our facility and is preferable over tattooing or penciling in eyebrows.  Generally speaking, it is markedly more ideal to transplant scalp hair (or in the case of men, possibly chest hair) than hair from the hand.  There carries a small risk of tiny, pinpoint scars that can be visible on bare skin such as the hands.  I would recommend avoiding that area!

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Taking the head hair out would be extremely challenging and likely to leave scars. FUE hair removal from the hand carries a small risk of tiny circular dots being left over on the hands- and so that would be concern for your hands. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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