Why is my one eye ball more sunken into the eye socket than the other? Can it be fixed?

My right eyeball is set deeper into the eyesocket than the left eyeball(I can feel it when i touch them , right eyeball feels smaller) . When i close my eyes its uncomfortable because i feel the imbalance of the right eyeball being sunken and the left one more bulging. Is it fixable?

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Eye sunken in

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Thank you for your question.  This is an issue that should be addressed by an in-person consultation with your doctor/surgeon for a thorough work up.  The eyes must be measured to determine whether one eye is actually more sunken in versus the other eye, or whether the above appearance is from malposition of the eyelids.  From there, your doctor would be better able to determine whether further testing should be performed, and the appropriate treatment options moving forward.  

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