Is there any surgery that can change my eye color?

Eyecolor change

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Surgery to Change the Color of Your Eyes

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A company called Stroma Medical in Southern California is researching a new laser treatment intended to change eye color. Specifically, their laser attempts to change brown eyes to blue or green (eyes cannot be made darker). Essentially, there is only one “color” in the iris of your eye and it’s brown pigment called melanin. Less pigment and your eyes look blue, more and they look brown. The Stroma laser works by reducing the amount of brown pigment in the iris to lighten eye color. This surgery is highly experimental right now, but shows excellent promise. Testing and initial availability will be done outside the US.

Farmington Ophthalmologist

Eye color change

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Your eye color is determined by the amount of pigment living in the iris epithelium behind the pupil. The more pigment, the darker the iris color. Very light blue eyes are characterized by the lowest amount of pigment and there is no surgical procedure that exists to change this part of the anatomy. 

Martin L. Fox, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

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