Effectiveness of Nd Yag Laser on Light Skin Dark Hair? (photo)

I am from nepa. I have been facing with problems of facial hair growth as well as body hair.i have increased TSH levels ( upto double) and increase DHEAP-S levels. then i started with ND yag laser.i used nd yag 6 times. then i used IPL for 2 times. but no improvement.shall i continue with the treatment or not. is there any chance of improvement. i have light skin and dark hair. so easily seen. no facility of diode and alexdendrite. they said treatment of 6-8 times would be effective but...:(

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Yag Laser or Alexandrite laser for light skin

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The long pulsed nd yag is excellent for dark skin. It is not ideal for light skin. The Alexandrite is the safest and most effective laser for light skin. These lasers have been evaluated as the most effective laser hair removal systems  in peer reviewed medical journals.

IPL is not effective for laser hair removal for light or dark skin.

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Yag laser hair removal for dark skin

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The Candela Yag laser is very safe for hair removal in olive and dark skinned patients.  I would always speak to the clinician about your concerns and also be more conservative initially.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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No results from the Nd Yag Laser

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Your hair type of dark hair and light skin should respond very well to the laser treatments.  Your underlying endocrine problem is probably affecting the treatment.  Perhaps there is some other hormone therapy that your endocrinologist can help you with.  I am sorry that you have had such poor success and hope that you can better results in the future.

Effectiveness of Nd Yag Laser on Light Skin Dark Hair

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The Alexandrite laser would probably work better for you with light skin and dark hair.  If you have not seen any improvement after 6 treatments with the Yag laser, you may not wish to continue.  You may want to see an endocrinologist to see if there is a way to regulate your hormones.  This might help with your excessive hair issue.

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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