My face/jaw/chin/neck area is undefined. Is there a surgery that can fix this? (photos)

I'm 24 and slim to average at most. My body isn't fat but my chin or jaw area is very undefined and looks fat to me. It's like my jaw-chin-neck area are all one. I hate how this looks and I feel that I have a double chin as well. It makes me not like the look of my nose but when i cover my chin i like my nose. The picture below is not me but it gives a good idea of the issue I'm having and in my opinion looks similar to my neck area. Is there a surgery that can fix this? Lipo of the chin maybe?

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Neck lipo

This might be a good case for liposuction of the neck line and submentum along with a chin implant.  It is necessary to see the entire profile to make this call.  Recovery is about 7 days. 

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Minor changes can change the indication for surgery.

The face of the picture you showed me looks like she could benefit from chin and neck liposuction.

She may also benefit from a conservative chin implant.

The angle of the lower lip in relation to the chin changes if someone is a candidate for chin implants or not. Even if the mandible does not have good projection, the shape of the chin can limit the potential usefulness of this procedure. 

This is referred to as the labiomental angle.

I suggest having an assessment from a senior plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon with ample experience who is able to offer all alternative procedures that may be able to help.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.

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Chin implant and submental liposuction can improve definition of the lower face and neck

Thank you for your question and example photograph.  Based on the photo that you provided a combination of chin implant and laser liposuction of the neck when properly done should improve the definition of the jaw and neck area.

Chin/neck area is not well-defined. What to do.

Without a photo or personal examination it is really inappropriate to comment on someone else's photo that "looks similar" to your neck. Details of your exact degree of chin protrusion or retrusion, the amount and location of excess fat, position of hyoid bone, and facial proportions are all part of a detailed plastic surgical assessment that would lead to specific recommendations tailored to your needs and goals.

I would be happy to give a few generalizations, however. Submental (below the chin) liposuction is commonly recommended, but I personally have found that direct excision of fat via a slightly longer incision in (otherwise) the same location as a liposuction incision gives my patients much more smoothness, thorough fat removal, precise hemostasis to minimize bleeding and bruising, and a much more predictably better result without the ridges , firmness, and long time for swelling to resolve that liposuction seems to cause. (I have taught liposuction for over 2 decades, so it's not lack of familiarity or experience--I have just found I can do better with direct excision and control of bleeding under direct vision.)

If you have a weak chin, the same incision is used to place a solid silicone elastomer extended anatomic chin implant to restore or enhance facial proportions and give a smooth(er) jawline. A chin implant also helps to take up any slack skin after fat removal.

Yes, there IS surgery to "fix" whatever concerns you have. Click on the web reference link below for an example of one of my patients with what sounds like your concerns, and what I did to deal with them. Then see one or more ABPS-certified plastic surgeons (ASAPS members) for personalized consultation and advice! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Chin Liposuction

Hi SprinklesPink,
This fat can be resistant to diet and exercise. So it is stubborn fat. You appear to have localized fullness, and at the age of 24 you should have good overlying skin tone. I believe you would benefit from chin liposuction with or without chin enhancement (I can't tell from the photos). Be sure to see only a board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon. I wish you all the best, "Dr. Joe"

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This picture is truly representative you and you have isolated fat beneath your chin then liposuction isthe best procedure to improve your contour.

Neck lift to reduce the double chin profile

 A neck lift procedure addresses removal of fat above and below the platysma muscle in the neck. This photograph shows fat deposits in the sub mental area and sub-platysmal area. A platysma plasty is also performed once the sub-platysmal fat is removed. For many examples, please see the link below  to our neck lift photo gallery

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