Swelling After Otoplasty

my procedure was done 7 days ago and my lobes kind of seem to be sticking up, my ears are still swollen, my lobes are very little swollen, will the lobes go down as well? and after the swelling is gone does the ear go back more? thank youuu!

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It is normal to have symmetrical swelling of your ears 7 days after Otoplasty Surgery.

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Your ears will be swollen 1 week after Otoplasty Surgery, but you shouldn't have much pain. If you're in a lot of pain, you should alert your surgeon and see him as soon as possible.

Getting your ear lobes to set back is one of the more challenging aspects of ear-reshaping surgery. Sometimes it may not be achieved, and these goals need to be established before surgery.

If you're concerned by your appearance, please see your surgeon to ensure all is well.

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Prominent swelling after ear pinning surgery (otoplasty)

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Swelling is quite common and prominent for 7-10 days after otoplasty. Depending on the dressing applied, sometimes the swelling around the ear lobule can be exaggerated. You may want to wait 3 weeks or so to assess early results. However, it will take 3 months to see long term results

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