One Ear Looks Completely Different 19 Days After Otoplasty is This Normal?

I had otoplasty 19 days ago One ear is higher than the other and one ear sticks out too. His office staff said its too early for me to judge and that I should see him when he gets back from out of town. They couldn't even tell me the technique he used or give me any other information on what when on during the procedure. I never expected perfection but as of now it looks like I have 2 different ears on my head! Is it normal at 19 days to have them look so different?

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You can expect swelling to the ears for several weeks after surgery. I think it is too early to make and decision on results but I do think that you should follow up with your plastic surgeon for examination.

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Most of the swelling is gone by 3 weeks.

If the ear still are protruding then you better see the surgeon, and have an inperson exam amd discussion of expectations.

Samir Shureih, MD
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