Can I have my porcelain crown on my implant replaced even though it was permanently cemented on? (photos)

I had a mini implant placed 6 yrs ago and the crown that was cemented on is sitting really low on my gum line and is really bulky. My Q is can I have it replaced without compromising the integrity of the implant? Is there a possibility it could looks worse than it already does? I have a metal abutment, would it need replaced? My gum is also really dark can I have that fixed? What are my options for all my questions?

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Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dental Implants can be placed in several ways, screw retained or cemented. Some dentists use a temporary type of cement others use  a stronger type.  Either way, the crown can be sectioned off with a bur and a new crown made.  In most cases a Zirconium (white abutment) can be used to help get rid of the darkness of the metal. If this is not the case, there are different types of crowns that can help block out the dark metal.  It is a skill and challenge but can be done.  The crown should match the adjacent tooth in size, color, shape, anatomy, and luster.  Most of the time, a custom shading is necessary.

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Implant crowns are never permanently cemented. A special cement is used that allows the crown to be removed when needed. Therefore, you can have the crown removed and replaced.

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