When can I start using saline rinse after a rhinoplasty?

I had a closed rhinoplasty 4 days ago, so after 6 hrs they let me go home with just antibiotic and pain killer and they told me no need to come back to see the doctor before 7 days to remove the splint ...i called to doctor 2 days ago i asked him if i can use saline rinse coz im so uncomfortable with the congestion and he said no need don't use anything.... so im seeking a second opinion sinse i saw a lot of fourums talking about how saline tinse help ..... Thank you for your help

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Saline spray after rhinoplasty

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Saline spray is not mandatory after rhinoplasty, but it can be very helpful in reducing scabbing inside the nostrils. This becomes very beneficial when the time comes to remove the splints from the nostrils (if they were used) as there will be minimal scabbing and therefore easy access to the splints.

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Hi thanks for your query,Well immediate the next day saline douching can be undertaken gently to soften the crusts and to keep the  nasal air way patent.it also benefits to prevents from synechiae formation.But do discuss and follow your surgeons advice.

Post Op Rhinoplasty care

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Thank you for your question.  It is very difficult to make recommendations on other surgeons postoperative rhinoplasty patients b/c it is not always clear what was performed.  That being said, I allow my patients to use a saline spray post op and often use a ointment to soften the crusting and facilitate healing.  Please follow your surgeons recommendations.  Good luck

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Saline after Rhinoplasty

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Saline use isn't mandatory after Rhinoplasty. If there is nasal congestion then either Saline or Xylomatazoline spray can be used to minimise it.

Your Surgeon Knows You Best

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While a saline wash can be very helpful after rhinoplasty, I hesitate to go against your surgeon's opinion without an in-person consultation. Your surgeon knows the specifics of your case, and at this point I would trust his or her recommendation not to use saline. If your discomfort is severe, I recommend trying to see your surgeon before the 7-day mark for a quick evaluation regarding the matter of saline. I hope you feel better soon.

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