What would my Accutane dose be if my weight is 51kg??

I'm 21 yrs , and my weight is 51 , i have acne from long time and i tried everything and it doesn't work ,,how much the dose should be? If i want to finish the course fast??

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Accutane dosing

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Thank you for your question. Accutane (isotretinoin) dosing is based on an individual's weight, which is 1 mg per kilogram for a minimum of 4 months. Therefore, if you weigh 51 kg, then your minimum recommend total dose will be isotretinoin 51 mg per day for four months. But if you can only tolerate 30 mg daily due to side effects or lab abnormalities, then your therapy will be 7-8 months. I generally like to start patients on lower doses to help them acclimate to any side effects and to monitor for any changes in lab work. The dose may be increased depending on your tolerance of the medication and if your blood work is normal. I highly recommend you consult with a board certified dermatologist regarding Accutane treatment and dosing appropriate for you. Take care and good luck.

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