Removing Adhesively-bonded Emax. Any suggestions?

I am having to have front crowns (emax) replaced due to dark line at gum (possibly root) showing. I'm terrified I will lose the underlying teeth due to their fragility. Is the Erbium laser better at removing these than, say, the usual burs?

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The most common way to remove a crown is with a bur. An experienced dentist should be able to remove the crown with no damage to the underlying teeth. If you have concerns, I would recommend discussing the procedure with your dentist. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

Crown removal doesn't mean losing teeth

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Every dentist is experienced with removing crowns (well, perhaps not new graduates). While lasers show promise of conservative removal, even the more routine/common method of cutting off with a bur is uneventful.  A skilled dentist can cut off crowns with little to zero adjustment of tooth structure underneath (there will be SOME, but not usually enough to worry about).

Crown removal

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Sometimes lasers can remove crowns but the most common way to remove a crown is very cautiously with a bur. A skilled dentist should be able to remove the crown with no damage to the underlying teeth. If you have concerns about your treatment discuss them with your dentist. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Removing crowns eMax

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Dear Becky12: Unfortunately, the only way to remove crowns is to grind them down.   This is a routine procedure and you should be just fine if the teeth are good. If there are problems with the teeth, leaving the current crowns is not good either.
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