Does Invisalign Work for People with Periodontal Disease?

I have periodontal disease. Am I a good candidate for Invsialign?

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Yes, as long as periodontist OKs it.

I completely agree with Dr. Jablow's recommendation for you to see a periodontist. As long as a periodontist clears you for the Invisalign procedure, it should be safe to move the teeth.

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This depends on how advanced the periodontal disease is....

This depends on how advanced the periodontal disease is. It is important to get that under control first because if the bone is not stable, undue pressure from orthodontic tooth movement can cause more damage.

I HIGHLY suggest that you get under the care of a periodontist before any other dental work is done.

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
New York Dentist

One of the best questions to ask about Invisalign

For sure you need to have the go ahead from a Periodontist.

Still, Invisalign has shown to be very beneficial to the gums and bone. Straightening the teeth can provide a wonderful environment to keep you teeth healthy. During the aligning process Invisalign can be removed to clean the teeth at home and in the dental office.

Cases have been shown where the gums and bone have been improved with Invisalign treatment.

Cases with severe periodontal disease have been treated successfully. Now the teeth not only look better but are healthier.

Key is to have them monitored and kept clean both by the Periodontist and the General Dentist.

Gilbert H. Snow, DDS
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Invisalign will work with periodontal cases

In the long run, straightening the teeth can help you clean the teeth much better which can be a great benefit if you are predisposed to periodontal disease.  You must get the periodontal disease under control before you begin any orthodontic treatment!!!!  Periodontally infected teeth will move really well - you may even move them out of your head! OK, maybe that wasn't funny to non-dentists, but you get the idea.  Orthodontic forces will erode infected bone in a hurry.  

Another facet of this is the effect the bite can have on periodontal disease.  For some strange reason this is ignored by most dentists and periodontists.  Teeth which have bite issues tend to be the worst teeth in any periodontal case.  It's not a coincidence!!! 

John Whittemore, DDS
Memphis Dentist
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Periodontal Disease and the Invisalign Option

Depending on the severity of bone loss and angulation of the roots of teeth, Invisalign can be an excellent option even for people who have periodontal disease.

Janet H. Stoess-Allen, DMD
New York Orthodontist

Perio and invisalign

I recommend seeing a periodontist first before you start any orthodontic treatment. Usually you cannot get braces or invisalign until the periodontist has cleared you. also, after you begin your orthodontic treatment, it is very important that you are on a 3 or 4 month recall and keep up with your perio regimen during your TX.


Mojdah Akhavan, DDS
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