Diet and Supplements After Fat Graft?

I'm a 28 year old female,I just had fat graft done to my cheeks and lips. I'm wondering how what I ingest influences if the graft will "take". My doctor just said about no smoking but answered no about dietary requirements. I'm looking for a 2nd opinion. In more detail: can I take supplements such as biosil and gelatin (i need them for my nails and hair), how soon after the procedure can I drink alcohol and are there foods I shouldnt eat?

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Better result with fat grafting

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Insulin in your body protects fat. High carbohydrate diets increase your insulin level.. A reverse Adkin's diet is what I tell my patients..Not too many carbs or your fat wii begin to increase in volume like the donor site

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Fat transfer diets

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After about 2 weeks, it shouldn't matter what you take.  Supplements that are good for hair and nails are probably not bad for recovery, but I cannot confirm that.  I looked up biosil and gelatin and it does not appear that they have medications that thin the blood.  As far as alcohol goes, I would avoid drinking for the initial 2 weeks to help with healing.  I agree with Dr Ellenbogen to keep your weight within 5-10 lbs of your what you were before surgery.  If the fat was taken from the stomach and the stomach is where you gain weight first, then your face will also swell with weight gain.


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