Is Dermal Fat Grafting a Viable Option for a Cobra Neck Deformity?

Are dermal fat grafts more likely to correct a central neck deformity than fat injections? I have seen 2 good results from this procedure? I realize it is more invasive, but it is an unpleasant deformity to walk around with. I've already had a face/neck lift(with corset platysmoplasty), which improved, but did not eliminate the deformity...Thanks in advance.

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Correction of Cobra Neck requires neck lift to correct muscle bands as well as Fat Grafting or Transfer

The Cobra Neck Deformity is typically caused by aggressive Liposuction of the Neck without correcting the lax Platysma Muscle Bands which lie on either side of the fat.

Often the physician does not recognize the lax Platysma Muscle Bands pre op and attempts to correct the neck laxity and double chin by Liposuction when in fact a Neck Lift with Platysmaplasty is needed.

Once the Neck Fat has been removed, the Platyma Muscle Bands show up on either side of the depression caused by the Liposuction.

Fat Transfer can fill the depression caused by loss of fat.

However the lax Platysma Muscle Bands must be corrected surgically by resection of muscle excess and sewing the bands together at the mid-line. In this situation, since the neck area is already open a Dermal fat Graft can be used and will possibly produce a better take.

However depending on the physician comfort level simple Fat Transfer can also work well.

Fat grafting for the cobra neck deformity.

Fat grafting for the cobra neck deformity is normally all one needs to do this. I used fat grafting 30 years ago when everyone said it didn't work. It worked so well that in a few patients I had to remove some after 6 months. I continue to use it today. The results depend on the amount of scarring and the depth of the depression.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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