Facial Swelling and Bruising After Fat Transfer to Cheeks, When Will it go Down?

I'm 5 days post from a fat transfer to cheeks. I'm incredibly swollen. bruising is moderate but my face is so distorted like Im cat woman. Had a post op yesterday,told I was at the peak of swelling,should be going down 10days. This is the 2nd transfer Ive had and 1st one hardly any swelling but it was combined with another procedure under GA which is why my current dr said I swelled so much with all the multipule passes of lido. Should i have this micro-lipo out or will it go down in a few days?

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Still swollen with fat transfer after 5 days

Your pictures looked entirely normal.  I understand that you may be a bit concerned.  However at 5 days having swelling is completely normal. After about the first week, he will see a dramatic improvement.  Keep her head elevated and followed the directions that were given to you by your plastic surgeon.  He should begin to notice a decrease in swelling in the coming days.  Good luck.

Fat Transfer

You will have to wait at least 10-14 days, and things should look a lot better. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Bruising and swelling after Fat Transfer to Face and Cheeks is normal for the first two weeks

Five days is too early to worry about bruising and swelling after Fat Transfer to Face and Cheekls. Multiple passes of the needle used during Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting causes much swelling, bleeding and bruising which takes time to resolve.

You look very appropriate for 5 days post Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting to the cheeks and face.

Ask your doctor if gentle massage will help. Also keep the head elevated to help reduce swelling and avoid aspirin and other medications which can effect bleeding.

Fat transfer will go down

Five days is too soon to even start to worry about the results unless it is too small already.  THe swelling will take a couple of weeks to go down.  Don't even try to evaluate the results yet.  Keep us posted.

Daryl K. Hoffman, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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