Should the front of my veneers feel smooth? (Photo)

I can't begin to tell you all the things that went wrong with my veneer case. My teeth look almost the same as before and I should have never done this. The veneers are not smooth in the sense I feel ridges on the front of them that I'm assuming are my natural teeth. They're also very sensitive to heat. I do not trust the dentist at this point after all that went wrong over a period of 8 weeks in temporaries. You can not really see the ridges but I feel them with my tounge. Could the veneers be too thin?

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Concerns about thin veneers... #DrSoftTouch

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I'm sorry to hear that you have not had a great experience up to this point. I think your veneers look great, very natural. The ridges that you feel on your veneers were made to mimic the anatomy of natural teeth, so this should be of no concern. I would recommend following up with your dentist about the sensitivity that you are experiencing. Heat sensitivity is a symptom of an inflamed nerve and usually requires treatment.  I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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I think your veneers look great and very natural. There is nothing wrong with thin veneers. The ridges you are feeling are also present in natural teeth. As for the sensitivity, your dentist would be the best judge of that and I would advise you to visit him or her.

Prashant Nanda, MDS
India Dentist


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i personally feel good job done by your cosmetic dentist. as u r concern about thickness, veneers are always thin. and one more concern is ridges, u can find same vertical ridges in natural teeth. do not worry , keep smiling. about sensitivity, visit your dentist.

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Should my veneers be smooth?

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Thanks for posting the picture. Don't worry the veneers aren't too thin! The veneers aren't smooth because the lab created ridges in them to mimic normal tooth anatomy. These make the veneer look more "tooth like" and less like a restoration. Heat sensitivity is a problem. It may mean that the teeth are becoming irreversibly irritated. If you have lost confidence in the dentist you might consider getting a second opinion. If you think you can work it out with the dentist schedule an appointment and share your concerns. Without a before picture I can't comment on the comparison to your natural teeth. The pciture is a little blurry but I like the esthetics, shape and color. Good luck.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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